The 7 games you need to develop ball skills -

The 7 games you need to develop ball skills

Games are a great way to motivate young child to practise fundamental movement skills. Over the years we’ve refined 7 games that can be used for Object Control skills like catching, throwing, kicking, striking and dribbling. These games are proven winners with preschoolers, are easy to set up and can be played focusing on a variety of these skills.

Why 7 Games?

We have chosen 7 games because they offer enough diversity to keep children interested, while still allowing them to become familiar with each game. It’s also because 7 is the least number of games to achieve this balance, making it easier for educators and parents to become proficient in running each game. 

Why recommend these games?

We recommend these games because they:

  1. Are inclusive, avoiding lines.
  2. Can be played by children of any skill level.
  3. Are fun and exciting by using characters and roles.
  4. Are age appropriate for preschoolers.
  5. Most importantly are great for developing skills in young children. 


We’ve recommended these 7 games because they are engaging, fun for children, great for skill development and simple for educators and parents to run. 

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