Fundamental Movement Skills -

Fundamental Movement Skills

The building blocks for participation in active play and sports.

Learning skills like balance, throwing, running and kicking help children to develop the confidence to participate in active play, school PE lessons, team sports and ultimately enjoy a lifetime love of being active.

Children develop many of their fundamental movement skills between the ages of 3 to 6. In fact, movement specialists say these years are the most critical for learning because children at this age are so eager to move and are generally fearless of injury, failure and teasing from peers (Campbell, 2001:2).

Kindysport teaches preschoolers 24 Fundamental Movement Skills.

Object Control Skills

Controlling implements or objects either by hand or foot.

Module 1: Overhand and Underhand Throw, Little Ball Catch

Module 2: Big Ball Pass and Catch

Module 3: Kick, Punt and Foot Dribble

Module 4: Goal Shoot, Hand Dribble and Strike

Locomotor Skills

Transporting your body in any direction from one point to the other.

Module 5: Sprint, Gallop and Dodge

Module 6: Hop, Skip, Jump and Leap

Body Management Skills

Involves balancing the body in motion and in stillness.

Module 7: Balance, Climb & Roll

Bonus Module

Module 8: How to Run a Kindylympics Event at Your Centre