Kindysport: Teach your preschooler fundamental movement skills.

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Teach your preschooler fundamental movement skills with our new online program that’s fun, easy and engaging. 

Gross Motor Skills

Easy for Educators

No prior PE training required.

Set up in under 5 minutes. No specialised sports equipment needed.

Downtime for educators.

Save time reporting with downloadable learning summaries.

Flexible, anywhere, anytime

With a few clicks children are learning with streamlined, online lessons.

Gross Motor Skills

Engaged from start to finish

A variety of age appropriate interactive demos, characters, games and challenges that excite children. 

No child left out

High participation rates by accommodating all learning styles and confidence levels.

Something new

Children look forward to something new each week and in alot of cases are introduced to male instructors for the first time.

Leverage for Centres

Improve your Quality Rating

Designed and delivered by experts to align with early learning frameworks.

Develop staff

Upskill your staff's Gross Motor Skills knowledge 'on the job' as they watch with children.

Improve Learning Outcomes

Prepare children for the next stage of there schooling and sports.

How It Works

Our online program is a complete age appropriate sports readiness program for preschoolers.


Children watch video demonstrations that break the skill into simple cues


Children are given a variety of challenges and games to practise and develop their skill.


Children progressively learn more components to the skill.

“The Kindysport program is both fun and educational. Kindysport was able to teach the fundamental movement skills that we had struggled with by explaining the movements in terms that the children understood. They learnt without being aware of actually being taught the skill. Wayne did this through games and getting the children actively involved in their learning. I believe Kindysport is an asset to any early childhood class program.”
Rebecca Thomson
Director - Narnia Kindergarten

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions

Our programs are all video based on a really user friendly platform. Just sit the kids down and in a few clicks children are engaged and learning.

Staff don’t require prior training. Each weekly lesson has a short video for educators to help identify the common mistakes children may make when replicating the skills, but children learn from the video demonstrations.

We use a variety of learning styles that can be applied in group situations or one on one. Our participation rates are over 90%.

Yes absolutely, click here to start your free trial to see if Kindysport is a good fit for your centre.

Differentiate your centre with Kindysport.


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